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Yuyao magic into electric appliance co., LTDHACN

     Yuyao magic into electric appliance co., LTDHACN(Huanchain Electric)The specialty is engaged in the transformer outletInverter socketUSBCharging conversion socketSpring lineThe power cord(PVC/Rubber power cord、Low smoke zero halogen power cord、Electronic line、Wiring harness)、Multi-fiber signal line、DCLine,Trailer line,The plug socket、Extension cord series products。Set design and development、Production、Sales、The service in the integration of diversified enterprise。

     HACNAdvantage products of the company: Polyurethane (pu)PU,Polyether spring line ,Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)PVCSpring line。Good elasticity,Taiwan,The German high elasticityTPUMaterial has been the advantage。Customizable ultraviolet resistance and waterproof fire prevention function of special spring line。Good aging resistance。Spring line need to meet all kinds of plug connector terminals are available。


    Huanchain Electric HACNCompany salesChina(CCC)、The United States(UL/CUL)、Europe(CE)、Germany(VDE)、France(NF)、The United Kingdom(BS)、Canada(CSA)、Japan(PSE/JET)、Australia(SAA)、South Africa(SABS)、Switzerland(SEV)、In Brazil(UC/INMETRO/TUV)、South Korea(KC/KTL)、The Netherlands(KEMA)、Israel(SLL)、Italy(Italy)Many countries or regions such as industry certification of products。

    Huanchain ElecticAdvocate environmental protection comprehensive quality,All products comply with the European UnionPAHS 、ROHSOrREACHSuch as environmental protection requirements,Products sold throughout the country, and North America、Europe、Australia、The Middle East、South Africa and in northeast Asia。The company perfect service,Strict quality management system won the praise of many customers。Now,The company relies on strong ability of product development and quality assurance,On time delivery,The advantage of price,Many well-known enterprises letter lai and cooperation。

     “People-oriented,Advocating the spirit of craftsman”,Since we founded the company has always been a concept。The introduction of advanced production equipment and monitoring test equipment,Realistic、Pragmatic、Innovative spirit of enterprise,To provide high quality products and services to our customers。We hope to grow together with customers,Create high quality together“China's qualityTo build”。